For your convenience, we purchase a wide variety of gold items in addition to the gold coins and bars that you see elsewhere on this site. We are happy to bring to bear our expertise as a major dealer in precious metals — as well as our skill as a mint — in acquiring your gold.

Call +604-6439999 for free assessment of any gold you would like to sell to us.

Because we acquire gold in this way, we may have the gold you're seeking. If you're looking for something that's not on our web site, please call and tell us what it is. Be aware that our inventory fluctuates on these non-standard items; we will tell you what's available when you ask.

Below you will find a sample of the many items we may purchase. If you have a gold item not listed below or sold on this site, please call for our assessment.

Gold coins and gold bars of all kinds. U.S. and foreign.
Gold rings, gold bracelets, pendants and other gold jewelry.
Large gold bars.
Gold nuggets.