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Public Gold Price (24 Hours Live)


RM387 / gram


RM592 / 100 gram

  • Buy / Sell via system
  • Last updated 29-May-2024


10 gram
RM 3,859.00
20 gram
RM 7,701.00
50 gram
RM 19,163.00
100 gram
RM 38,149.00
250 gram
RM 95,061.00
1000 gram
RM 380,244.00
1 Dinar
RM 1,640.00
5 Dinar
RM 8,201.00
10 Dinar
RM 16,402.00


100 gram
RM 599.00
250 gram
RM 1,491.00
500 gram
RM 2,970.00
1 kilogram
RM 5,916.00
5 kilogram
RM 29,578.00
5 Dirham
RM 110.00
10 Dirham
RM 195.00
All prices are quoted in Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) and excluding Gold Premium
Last updated 29-May-2024 06:55:14

Why Public Gold?

Public Gold Global Business Centre

Public Gold was established in 2008 by Dato 'Wira Louis Ng, with 18 branches throughout Malaysia and 3 branches (with the next 5 new branches) in Indonesia. Public Gold provides and manages gold trading activities including gold mining and refining. Award winning, top gold trading company in Malaysia with highest credibility.

Shariah Compliant

The world's first shariah-compliant gold company, monitored by the Shariah Panel of Amanie Advisors Sdn Bhd.

PG Group Structure

In addition to Public Gold, there are other company under PG Group; PG Mall, Aurora Italia, PG Jewel and POS Exclusive. Official Business Partner of KDE, Pos Malaysia and Pos Ar-Rahnu.

Public Safe Storage Service

PG also offers gold and valuables storage services using the latest vault systems and a high level of facilities and services.

Safety and Security Protocol

As the largest gold company in Malaysia, we are the only one where all branches are taken care of by the Auxiliary Police, specially appointed by the PDRM

Shariah Compliant

Public Gold is the world first gold trading company that have a Syariah Compliance Certificate

  • Monitored by the Syariah Panel of Amanie Advisors Sdn Bhd
  • Shariah compliance for purchase and sale of physical gold with Outright Purchase, Easy Payment Purchase (EPP), Buyback
  • Shariah compliance for purchase through Gold Accumulation Program (GAP)

Gold-In-Transit (GIT)

First gold home delivery service in Malaysia

  • Any items measuring from 5 dinars (21.25 grams) and below, will be courier to your home
  • Through insured and reliable courier service
  • Charges of RM10/parcel to Peninsula and RM20/parcel to Sabah/Sarawak

FPX online payment

FPX payment method makes it easy for users to make online purchases, through almost all available banks in Malaysia

  • FPX payments sync to Public Gold system automatically
  • No service charge is imposed on the customers
  • Customer will receive proof of payment as a record and reference to each transaction

6 Advantages of Saving in Gold

Gold such as Dinar and Bullion are suitable for long-term savings because of its non-depreciating value

Gold Are Wealth Protection & Hedged Against Inflation

Gold Helps Avoid Unnecessary Money Outflow

Gold Are Independent, Viable & Sustainable Investment

Gold Are Widely Accepted Around the World

Saving Habits Is A Person of Substances Second Nature

Gold Can Be Collateral for Loan

Registered Members & Counting

Years of Trust Building

3 Ways To Buy Gold


  • Suitable for larger capital, which are over RM1000
  • Must make full payment
  • Receive and able to keep the physical gold product in hand immediately


  • Suitable for larger capital, with payment schedule
  • Must make monthly payments before each deadline date during the period
  • Receive the physical gold product after payment schedule is completed

Frequently Asked Questions


Various designs and sizes of Public Gold products which consist of small bars, dinar sets and gold bars.

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